The Little Oasis

The Little Oasis

Time for an event check!

The Seasons Story opened today, July 10th till July 30th
Indie TeePee is open till July 24th
The Crystal Heart Festival is open till July 28th
The Liaison Collaborative is open till July 30th
faMESHed is open till July 27th
On9 is open till July 28th

And yeah…photobombed by the creepy freak (more commonly called Darth).  This is not the version that will wind up in Flick’r! ❤

The Desert_001

!APHORISM! Sun Dress – Aqua Maitreya (280L each) @ The Seasons Story
!APHORISM! Bella Wedge Sandals (295L) @ Indie Teepee
TRUTH HAIR Emika (200L each) @ The Crystal Heart Festival
NANIKA – Kira body freckles (200L) @ TLC
unKindness – Our Little Oasis 1 @ TLC
_industry7_feather on the wall_1 @ TLC
_industry7_feather on the Wall_2 @ TLC
_industry7_feather on the wall_3 @ TLC
22769 ~ [bauwerk] Banana Tree (125L w/ rug) @ TLC
22769 ~ [bauwerk] Red Boho Console (175L) @ TLC
22769 ~ [bauwerk] Books with Holder (w/console) @ TLC
22769 ~ [bauwerk] Plate with Candles (w/console) @ TLC
22769 ~ [bauwerk] Mandala Rug (125L w/ banana tree)@ TLC
22769 ~ [bauwerk] Moonchild Chair (225L) @ TLC
Ariskea[GypsySoul] DreamCatcher [1] (189L each) @ TLC
Ariskea[GypsySoul] DreamCatcher Feathers [2] ( 189L each) @ TLC
Little Branch_Cactus.v2 @ faMESHed
Little Branch_Cactus.v1 @ faMESHed
Little Branch_HoneyMesquite{4seasons} On9
[PXL] Shara natural winter #2 Skin
Bauhaus Movement – Junichi Pose (50L)

!APHORISM! Bella Wedge Sandals Collection

!APHORISM! Sun Dress Collection

LB Cactus V1LB Cactus V2


The Liaison Collaborative - July - Dreamweaver


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