The Octopus Garden

The Octopus Garden

I’m trying hard to refrain from singing the Beatles classic, Octopus Garden…it isn’t working so I’ll share…just be aware…Kermit and Miss Piggy are involved (forgive me Ringo) ❤

You may have seen pics of Astralia’s Octopus Hug set for the current Gacha Guardians.  I did and was swallowed whole by the need to immortalize the great beast.  I also just really, really wanted to walk around with an awesome octopus on my head.  I’m obsessed with all things octopoda …. in fact, I have one by the name of Charlie living in the ocean right off my beach.  He eats noobs and is a well known photo bomber.  If you too feel the need to drape yourself in tentacles, be they black, pink or blue (the available colors in the set) head on over to Astralia’s main store and play the Hug machine.  Remember, to get the treasure prize, which is the headpiece in this case, you have to play the machine 10 times!  Need a refresher on how to play Gacha Guardians?  Check out the website in the link above, where you can also peruse the shopping guide ❤

Astralia – Octopus Hug (50L a pull) – headpiece TREASURE PRIZE
Astralia – Octopus Hug – Top (RARE)
Astralia – Octopus hug – panties (RARE)
Astralia – Octopus hug – leg tentacle BLACK
Astralia – Octopus hug – feet tentacles BLACK
Astralia – Octopus hug – tentacle necklace BLACK
Astralia – Octopus hug – leg bracelet BLACK
Boudoir – Irena hair black
{anc} fish shop daughters / lotus:red
{anc} fish shop daughters / lotus:white
Bauhaus Movement – The Revolution Pose (50L)



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