Hair Fair Demo Group

The event we all look forward too every summer is almost upon up peeps. Hair Fair 2016 starts this Saturday!  I don’t know about you, but I am a card carrying hair ho…in fact, I may be the queen of hair ho’s.  One of the best parts of the hair fair is joining the demo group.  In past years I have spent many an hour before the fair opened pulling out demo’s and trying on hair.  Crazy hair, dramatic hair, fun hair, themed hair, gorgeous hair, wtf hair…I luff them all.  1st year I did the Hair Fair thing was….2011…I think…pretty sure.  I was in the demo group and spent an entire day sitting on my deck demo’ing and I opened up the demo from Nikita Fride…remember her?  Man, I loved her stuff…the interesting skin and the crazy hairs.  Anyway, I plop the demo on and had a wtf moment to beat all the SL wtf moments (up until then that is and not counting the first time I saw somebody with that Zebrana thingie).  It was crazy colored hair with a hat and a cat hanging in the hair on the side.  Seriously.  It was the 1st thing I bought when the Hair Fair opened and I wore it constantly.  I remember it made my neighbor Gregger nuts, which was perhaps 1 of the reasons I wore it so much :). I did some digging and found a pic I had taken (no laughing)

Roxi with cat hat

I thought I was the shitz back then too.  And yeah, that’s Jarath back then…tell me he didn’t need a makeover! This is a closeup I took this morning…and yes…I pulled it out of my inventory and dusted it off (some things you just don’t delete).  Awesome right?!

Hair Fair Demo_001

So I do have a point here.  The demo group is now open to join.  It’s free and demo’s will be sent out starting at the crack of SL dawn on Friday, so you have a whole day to sit and play.  So grab some friends and set up a demo party….try on all the styles and make a list….who knows what wondrous hairstyles you will discover ❤

Copy and past the the following into local chat in Second Life and join the Hair Fair DEMO Group 


Also, check out the Hair Fair website for more interesting tidbits.  I’ll see you at the fair! ❤



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