Summertime Sadness

Summer Sadness

I was trying to look sad…or at least melancholy … so hard to do though on a gorgeous summer day and a breeze blowing through.  The Secret Affair is almost upon us once again and when the gates open on the 15th you will be surrounded by all things boho, as the theme is “Summertime Sadness…Boho”.  The possibilities are endless and the creations will be spectacular, as always. ❤

rezology – Gigi (251L)
Una – Elena Crown 2 Purple for The Secret Affair (opening on the 15th)
Una – Elena Shoulders Purple for The Secret Affair
Aleutia – Seascape Dress for The Secret Affair
Nanika – Scarab tattoo, silver for The Secret Affair
Fetch – Luna face makeup for The Secret Affair
an lar – The Celina Series Pose #4 for The Secret Affair
[PXL] shara natural winter #2 skin
Skye Windswept Tree Type 1 No Base
Skye Wild Grass Type 6 olive

Secret Affair Logo


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