Hair Fair 2016…catch the crazy!

Hair Fair 2016 opens tomorrow and it’s going to be craaaaazy!  Hopefully you’ve joined the demo group and have been receiving demo’s all day today.  I’ve gotten 30 or so already and am happily posed on my platform playing dress up.  This makes me so happy!  Anyway, I’m going down the packages, making my shopping list (Nadia from Elikatera and Breathe You In from Exile are on there) and I get to maybe the 4th or so and I see the box from Bizarre Hair.  The name should be a clue.  No simple bobs here folks.  We’re talking crazy pants hair…I freaking love it!  Have you ever seen a hair styling competition, where they make these amazing creations….a UFO, a fruit basket…etc…..out of the hair (with shellac like hair spray I would imagine)?  This is what we’re looking at without further ado….

Yup…there be dragons…..

Magic Dragon

And nature-y things!  The bees buzz and butterflies flit about!

Pure Nature

The Violin…click on the front and music plays!  This also comes with earrings and a necklace.

The Violin

Damn right that’s an elephant…you know you want an elephant in your hair!  Wispy tendrils of smoke come from the incense sticks.


Finally, LouLou…a dollarbie…remember those?  LouLou is only 1 linden and is dedicated to the memory of a good friend of the designer that lost her battle to cancer.  She comes complete with hair/headdress, dress, jewelry and wings….and aren’t the wings spectacular!?


So there you have it….Bizarre Hair’s offerings for Hair Fair 2016.  Gates open tomorrow…no lm till then!

Bizarre Hair – Magic Dragon for Hair Fair 2016
Bizarre Hair – Pure Nature for Hair Fair 2016
Bizarre Hair – The Violin for Hair Fair 2016
Bizarre Hair – Ganesha for Hair Fair 2016
Bizarre Hair – LouLou for Hair Fair 2016
LAQ ~ Mesh Head Trinity 1.0 w/ default skin ( love love love!) (3,100L)
[White-Widow] Shallows Henna tattoo @ The Epiphany (opened today)
Bauhaus Movement – Luna Necklace / GREEN (189L) @ The Season’s Story
Nanika – Kira body freckles (200L) @ TLC
Bauhaus Movement – Kuroyukihime Pose (50L)

White Widow - Shallows gatchaWhite Widow - Shallows poster

Bauhaus Movement Luna set




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