Midnight at the Oasis

Midnight at the Oasis

Midnight at the oasis
Send your camel to bed
Shadows painting our faces
Traces of romance in our heads
Heaven’s holding a half-moon
Shining just for us

Midnight at the oasis – Maria Muldaur

Looking for some quality beach landscaping?  Look no further, Little Branch has all you need to do up your beach right…from banana trees to a beat up boat to sand and beach dunes.  Check out the events going on below and make plans to to summer it up ❤

Props to Darth for letting me hijack his set up ❤

DRD – evening romance – white set (900L) @ Indie Teepee
Little Branch_Bananas{Mesh} @ The Liaison Collaborative
Little Branch_Palmetto.v1{Mesh} @ The Mens Dept.
Little Branch_BeachSand-v1{Low Li} @ The Mens Dept.
Little Branch_Boat{Mesh} @ The Mens Dept.
Little Branch_WildGrass*1Li{Dry} @ The Mens Dept.
Little Branch_BeachPalm{Double} @ faMESHed
Little Branch_BeachPalm{Quad} @ faMESHed
Little Branch_GreenBamboo{Cluster} on the MP

LB GreenBamboo{Cluster}

LB_BeachPalm{Double} 1LB_BeachPalm{Quad} 1LB_BananasPlantlb palmetto boat sand TMD



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