Surely there is a joke that starts with “4 chicks walk into a bar…..”  and ends with “trouble”.   Anyway…this was a challenge…the 4 hairstyles from Due that are at Hair Fair 2016 and some awesome boho-ish clothing and jewelry from Secret Affair, both of which are open till the end of the month.  All the poses are from the an lar “Celina” series also at Secret Affair and can be yours for only 150L…for the whole set! ❤

The Due hairstyles are just to die for, whether pixie adorable or long and sexy!  They are 250L each and Due is donating 15% of all proceeds to the Wigs for Kids fund.  The LM down below gets you to the Backlot West…then look for the beacon to guide you into Due ❤

By the way…props to the Hair Fair crew this year…guys get a hand up!  Pop in anywhere at the fair and just look above the houses.  If you see a big blue male ♂ sign above the roof….there is guy hair inside…how smart was that!! ❤

So let’s go from left to right shall we?

Roxi 1:
[DUE] Mercury @ Hair Fair 2016
EVE – Ethereal Swimsuit (250L) @ The Secret Affair

Roxi 2:
[DUE] Sparkle @ Hair Fair 2016
Poet’s Heart – Marisol top and skirt (125L each)
Wiccas Wardrobe – Noscha Set includes necklace and bracelets (399L) @ The Secret Affair

Roxi 3:
[DUE] Joy V2 w/ wisps @ Hair Fair 2016
Sweet Kijira – Mandala Sheer Shirt (150L each)  @ The Secret Affair
Sweet Kijira – Mandala Lila bikini (100L) I’m only wearing the bottoms 🙂 @ The Secret Affair

Roxi 4:
[DUE] Mayuka @ Hair Fair 2016
SYS – Cheyanne Outfit (290L) @ The Secret Affair

Mushilu – Room dividers (150L each) @ The Secret Affair

All the Roxi’s are wearing:

LAQ ~ Mesh Head Trinity 1.0 NEW! (3,100L)  Cause I just looooove her…errrr….me!
Nanika – Kira body freckles (200L) @ The Liaison Collaborative

Secret Affair Logo24810684973_c1b32f9cbf_o


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