Flight of the Monarchs


Flight of the Monarchs

I’m down south in the US and every fall we see the annual migration of Monarch butterflies as they make their way to Mexico.  A lot of people down here…and all along the migration route actually…have planted milkweed (the chosen food of Monarch caterpillars) to attract and help the butterflies on their epic journey.  There is nothing more striking than seeing hundreds (thousands if you’re in the right place at the right time) of yellow and black monarchs flying overhead.  Reverie has taken that vision and created the Glasswing outfit for the upcoming Arcade.  As you can see in the vendor ad below, the collection comes with either the Monarch or Blue Morpho butterflies and includes adorable shoes, a butterfly crown and jewelry.  The dresses are the rares and honestly…both are just gorgeous.  If you haven’t already, mark your calendar for the 1st, check out the shopping guide, make a list and get ready to play the gachas! ❤

{Reverie} “Glasswings’ Collection – #3 Monarch Dream Tiara coming to The Arcade Sept. 1st
{Reverie} ‘Glasswings’- #2 Monarch Dream Dress – Maitreya RARE coming to The Arcade Sept. 1st
{Reverie} “Glasswings’ Collection – #6 Monarch Hand Accessory coming to The Arcade Sept. 1st
{Reverie} “Glasswings’ Collection – #7 Wing Earrings  coming to The Arcade Sept. 1st
*ARGRACE* MAYU [Mirror] (250L) (perhaps my favorite Argrace hairdo EVER)
LAQ ~ Mesh Head Trinity 1.5 UPDATED! (3,100L)
LAQ ~ Kate applier for Trinity Mesh Head (990L)
Bauhaus Movement – Here She Comes 10 Pose

{Reverie} 'Glasswings Collection'


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