Peacocks at the Arcade

peacocks at the Arcade

So here we are, sitting around like we don’t have a care in the world….when we all know the chaos that is about to ensue across the grid.  It’s roughly 7:30 SLT right now, so in about 5-ish hours (unless you’re one of the diehards that bought an early entry pass) the Arcade once again opens.  If you haven’t seen the shopping guide…give it a once over and start working on your list.  Mine includes Blueberry, Hive, Soy, Junk, Lamb, Scarlet Creative, Tarte, Mutresse, Jian ….and well…you get the point…I want them alllllllll.  Sway’s has this adorable peacock collection that is sure to make you smile.  It’s colorful…but not all matchy matchy…very whimsical, and if pink’s your thing, the reward is a pink and mint bedroom set…adorable!  At only 50L a pull, you just can’t go wrong! ❤

Also, it’s Cosmo’s birthday and the event is full of freeeeee bday gifties!  Pick up this must have White-Widow tat for free when you drop by…and perhaps this smexier than smexy excuse of a dress from Cynful.  I grabbed all the free gifts and my plan is to sit down as soon as Arcade fever has died down and discover mah goodies ❤

rezology Sky 218 hair (250L)
:[Plastik]:- Fors Earrings (199L) @ n21 till Sept. 12th
[Cynful] Bring The Sexy Back – Maitreya Lara/No Pantie (299L) @ Cosmopolitan
[White-Widow] Cosmo bday – FREE Birthday gift @ Cosmopolitan!
LAQ – Trinity Mesh Head (3,100L)
LAQ – Kate Applier for the Trinity Mesh Head (990L)
Sway’s [Peacock] Chair . natural RARE for The Arcade (50L per play)(opening in mere hours!)
Sway’s [Peacock] Chair . teal RARE
Sway’s [Peacock] Rug
Sway’s [Peacock] Room Divider . teal
Sway’s [Peacock] Potted Plant . canary
Sway’s [Peacock] Potted Plant . cobalt
Sway’s [Peacock] Potted Plant . fuchsia
Sway’s [Peacock] Figurine
Sway’s [Peacock] Table . cobalt
Sway’s [Peacock] Table . fuchsia
Sway’s [Peacock] Candlestick
Sway’s [Peacock] Table Lamp . canary
Sway’s [Peacock] Pouf . canary
Sway’s [Peacock] Pouf . fuchsia
Sway’s [Peacock] Ceiling Lamp . fuchsia
Sway’s [Peacock] Ceiling Lamp . cobalt
Sway’s [Peacock] Ceiling Lamp . canary
Scarlet Creative Carnaval 2 skybox from July’s Luxe Box

Sway's [Peacock] Room - Key (1024)

Sway's [Peacock] Room - REWARD (1024)

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