Back to School


So, several things.  First and foremost…Happy Autumn!  I love love love the fall season…the crispness in the air, pumpkin latte’s, the colors.  I’m not crazy about being back in school…I freaking hate getting up before the crack of dawn, but I do get out at a decent time and hey, I do make the big bucks (pffft).  I say we embrace the season while we can and start carving up pumpkins!

Second…my new CATWA head, Candy… she not scrumptious!?  Seriously…smexy on a stick!  I have makeup appliers on from alaskametro (cause ya know, I was shooting for the hoe hoe look), but I truly can’t stop admiring myself.  I was having wayyyyy to much fun playing with the animations and finally settled on this one…although the kissy face with the wink was a close second.  You’ve heard about Project Bento coming to your SL soon right…more built in bones and the ability to adjust your mesh head with a slider?  Catwa is working on a head for Project Bento, aptly named Catya, and you can read more about it on the website here (and get a peek at the WIP).   Mark my works….2 years from now we will all be sitting around going “Ohmahgahhhh …remember what it was like before Bento!? How did we live without it? ❤

Third…whoring it up today…obviously…and negatively influencing youngsters.  I say that, but honestly, I think it’s the other way around…he is sooo much the bad influence here.  The pose by Belle Poses is supposed to be 2 girls….cheerleaders…but I was going to take it by myself.  I’m happily minding my own business on the pose, playing with my Candy head when I hear a snicker and look down to see a pubescent punk under my arm.   To think that 5 minutes before he had been taking an innocent shot on the other side of the platform with a bunch of adorable critters…how fast they grow up.  Everything on me, with the exception of the Candy head and the cell phone can be found at the Whore Couture Fair until October 1st. ❤

Lastly…see the bus?  I didn’t get the whole bus in, but it’s the Lennon Park bus from the Lennon Park Massacre…..a MadPea adventure/hunt that was hosted on Darth’s old sim, Lennon Park.  The bus was one of the gifts you get when you successfully complete the mystery…which we did (I don’t wanna ruin it for you, but the kid did it).  Jarath has his copy of the bus embedded in a creek that runs right behind his man cave (more commonly known as the homeless encampment) on Blue Quill.  It’s a pretty cool set up, feel free to pop by and take a wander ❤

Bad Ass Roxi:
CATWA HEAD Candy V4.10 (basic head is 900L, fatpack w/every damn thing is 4,150L)
Winged – Dora hair (199L) @ The Whore Couture Fair 2016
alaskametro – #onfleek makeup for Catwa heads (64L each) @ The Whore Couture Fair 2016
alaskametro – #onfleek brows for Catwa heads (64L each) @ The Whore Couture Fair 2016
MINIMAL – Virginia Earrings – Gold (250L) @ The Whore Couture Fair 2016
..::PaperDolls::.. Student collar (150L) @ The Whore Couture Fair 2016
:::insanya::: Yanisa Top (200L) @ The Whore Couture Fair 2016
-Suicidal Unborn!- Patched Shorts (210L) @ The Whore Couture Fair 2016
Tattoo Mania – Luck tattoo (199L) @ The Whore Couture Fair 2016
BellePoses – Cheerleader pose @ The Whore Couture Fair 2016
[Sallie/BodyLanguage] Ready for a Date: Phone Pink A

Delinquent Darth:
*COCO*_KidDoll_RippedDenimOverallWithTee_LightBlue @ TMD (till Sept. 30th)
~Tableau Vivant~Checker Hair – Solstice
Action Inkubator Kore Bases / 1.2
Hanya smokes ( gift from Rhapsody’14 (2014)
[ FAKESSI ] Ozzy Sunglasses – Trans – Stoner
Lennon Park Crashed Bus – no longer available (but still awesome!)



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