The Pumpkin Patch


So I have a story…but first…ridiculously adorable alert…back away from the picture if you can’t handle the massive cuteness factor.  Do you see that beyond adorable puppy in my lap with the binky!!??  Holy crap…that would melt Marilyn Manson’s heart!  Anyway….3-ish years ago when I first started blogging I had picked up this lace mask/ lipstick combo for a shot (I put the picture down at the bottom).  If I remember it right, it was a group gift or freebie or almost freebie from Pink Acid.  I loved the lip color and wanted to keep wearing it, but it wasn’t seperate, so I went to the store looking for it.  I was quite unsuccessful, but the store was huge so I figured I missed it somewhere.  I sent a notecard to Stasey Oller, the creator and owner of Pink Acid, asking if it was available.  Within a day or so she im’d me back saying that she had never made the lipstick separately but that I was welcome to it…and sent it to me!  That was my go-to lipstick for ages and I have never forgotten how kind  Stasey was.  Fast forward to current times…. Stasey is bringing out the most adorable critters with her Black Bantam brand and each one makes me crazy.  I went to that Limit8 event because I couldn’t live without those dalmatian puppies…I thought it couldn’t get any cuter.  Wrong…soooo wrong.  Stasey’s puppies at Shiny Shabby this month have broken the cuteness bank….seriously.  They are little bulldog puppies and one has a binky in his/her mouth!  Wanna be a twinsie?  There is also a binky for you to wear in the package…I can’t stand it!!

Since Autumn is now upon us, I figure it’s time for pumpkin shots.  Actually, Boudoir thought it was time for pumpkins….and I couldn’t agree more.  The pumpkin field, wagon and sign are all over at the main store, so you can start decorating for the season.  I love this time of the year and I am starting to fill my house and porch up with pumpkins.  My daughter decided we needed to have a themed pumpkin decorating day, so for the next few Sunday’s everybody will be coming over with all manner of decorating materials and the artsy fartsy family fun will begin.  Our theme is superhero’s…so it should be interesting!

I’d give prop’s to darth for helping me set up, but ya know he and Jarath went and photobombed me.  I ran downstairs to make dinner before I took the shot and when I came back up everything looked fabulous…I took a couple shots and started my notecard.  I was wondering why Darth was snickering…and Jarath was afk (that alone should have been a clue).  It was only when I started editing that I found them in the damn shot.  They’re like freaking Where’s Waldo!  Jarath is in his cat avie hiding behind the wagon and Darth is the bunny on the tractor.  Jarath also has a goat tucked behind me, but I edited that shit out.  Freaks…both of em.

Boudoir – Fall Faerie outfit (550L)
Boudoir – Pumpkin Field (200L for the set) – NEW!
Boudoir – Pumpkin Wagon – NEW!
Boudoir – Pumpkin sign – NEW!
[DUE] Sparkle
VCO _ Fairy mesh Head _ [Chloe] _ RARE
[Black Bantam] Dalmatian Puppies (from Limit8, out of stock, no longer available)
[Black Bantam] Newborn Bulldog V2 Fem Binky (299L)@ Shiny Shabby
[Black Bantam] Tintable Heart Binky For YOU =^.^= @ Shiny Shabby
[Black Bantam] Newborn Bulldog V2 Males @ Shiny Shabby
=Zenith=Basket with Cloths
Little Branch_OrangeMaple.v2{Autumn}
Little Branch_WildGrass*1Li{Autumn}
hive // the old shed RARE from the Arcade
hive // dinner bell [rusty red] from the Arcade
Apple Fall Juniper Hedge – Seasonal – FREE @ Shiny Shabby!
Vacano Tractor Bulldog
Botanical – Rectangle Hay Bale
Heart – Forest Undergrowth – Clover and Daisies
{what next} Bicycle Decor

Look how yummy this lipstick is!  And the necklace was my favorite for ages too!


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