Wings…..wiiiiings….I want them alllll.  Kind of a wing ho, I can’t resist ’em.  I was happily shopping at a yard sale this morning, perusing the Arcade finds, when I saw these rare Blueberry wings at the incredibly fair price of 400L.  The delicate wings were the first things I knew I wanted when Blue started teasing everybody with her WIP’s, so it made me gloriously happy to grab them up for such a steal.  You figure if the machine is 50L a pull, a couple hundred is the least of what you would spend to get the rares.  Darth’s rule of thumb is 10X the pull, so I snatched these babies up and did the happy dance.  They are magnificent on their own, but with the gold bra and tiera…princess material.   I tell ya, people are tripping over each other to get this collection from Blueberry.  Got all the other pieces at the Seraphim yard sale for pull, along with the Tableau hair and a boatload of other commons that I couldn’t live without … it was a good morning ❤


The time is just getting away from me and my favorite annual events are coming up in the next couple of months.  First is the Skin Fair (then the Fantasy Faire and then the Hair Fair!!!).  I looove the Skin Fair.  I love sitting around on my platform opening demo’s and ohhhhing and ahhhing.  Ironic really, in my earlier days, years 1 through…errrr…maybe 4 (I’m 8 1/2), I was steadfast about not changing my skin.  I loved my skin.  Mae tried to convert me back when everybody was wearing that Claudia skin from LAQ (remember that Mae Mae!?), but noooooo, I was never changing my Redgrave Vivian, that was what made me…me.  Till I saw a Glam Affair skin that is that was so pretty I had to get a demo.  That was the beginning of the end there and I’ve never looked back.  I have my handful of favorites that I wear most of the time, but I love trying out new looks.  So I make piles, rather like you do when cleaning out your closet or the junk drawer, except there is no Goodwill pile in SL.  One for keeps, and one for goes.

I’m very lucky in that I blog for Pale Girl Productions, the event organizer for the Skin Fair, so some of the designers send out previews/samples beforehand.  My plan is to preview everything sent and try to show 1 designer’s work per day (or post). Everybody’s making appliers these days, so truly…I can only do those that I have heads for (doesn’t that just sound weird!?).  I have Akeruka (m & f), Catwa, LAQ and Logo for adult and ND/MD for child, so that’s what I’m working with.  One of the 1st that I’ve received is this Europa skin and eyes from rojo.  She comes with appliers for Logo, LAQ, Catwa, Omega, TMP and Slink heads AND has body appliers to match (including omega hand appliers for Vista bento hands!) in 8 tones, including fantasy white and fantasy black.  The skin is as gorgeous as the eyes, which are in a gacha machine.  I’m wearing the pale skin with freckles and the rare green eyes, such a pretty combo!  The fair opens on March 10th @ noon and runs till the 26th…I’ll do my best to keep you updated ❤

rojo – Europa Pale head applier for LAQ, body applier for Maitreya, soon @ Skin Fair 2017 rojo – Origin eyes, Spectrum Green – RARE, soon @ Skin Fair 2017
Tableau Vivant \\ Hairplay – Front Blow – Fades (75L per play) @ The Arcade
#28 Blueberry – Iconic Doll – Tiara – Gold (50L per play) @ The Arcade
#1 Blueberry – Iconic Doll – Wings – Gold / RARE @ The Arcade
#19 Blueberry – Iconic Doll – Bra – Gold @ The Arcade
[White-Widow] Underworld black tattoo (250L) @ Cosmopolitan
Garden by anc dotty wild grass {colorful} 1prim
Bauhaus Movement – Yukiko Pose (50L)


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