And they lived happily ever after…


Enchantment pulls the gates closed tomorrow evening and with it one of the most enduring fairy tales of our time closes with it.  The tale of Cinderella is enchantment personified and probably ranks in the top 3 of all little girls fantasies (some big girls too).  When Frannie was 3, almost 4, and Caleb was almost 5, I took them to DisneyWorld for the 1st time.  Frannie was, of course, a princess fanatic and over the 6 months or so before we went we collected all of her favorite princess outfits and made plans to meet them all.  She was nearly speechless walking into Cinderella’s castle for dinner in her shimmery blue dress, but when she was escorted up to Cinderella herself she was in awe.  Even Mickey didn’t impress her this much.  Cinderella commented on how much they looked alike in their matching dresses and updo’s (thank you Bippety Boppity Boutique) and Frannie told her she wanted to be a princess just like her when she grew up.  Well, who doesn’t?!  Here’s a pic of that momentous meeting (Caleb was less impressed with royalty, but still a trooper).  Frannie, at a newly minted 13, is still all about dressing up and acting like a princess (way to work on your goals right!?).  When we go to Disney she still wants to eat at the high-end restaurants, all dressed up, and order steak.  Caleb made me promise to never make him dress up again and his Disney food goals consist of walking around gnawing on a turkey leg.  So yeah, separate trips ❤


I’m going to miss this round, I truly enjoyed wandering around the set in my princess wear.  Divine did an amazing job (as she always does) making the event magical, did you see the castle and the village below?!  Amazing!  I snapped this last week during one of my wanderings so that I would have the visual ❤

You have 1 day left before Cinderella closes….don’t waste time, stop by and experience the magic ❤

Enchantment presents Cinderella


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