Kiss me I’m Irish!

Kiss me I'm Irish

So tomorrow is the official day for my people, St. Patrick’s Day.  St. Patrick was an interesting guy.  Although he was not born Irish…and his name actually wasn’t Patrick…he wound up becoming the Patron Saint of Ireland.  He was kidnapped as a child and sold into slavery in Ireland.  After escaping he made his way to a monastery and studied for upwards of 12 years…then he had a dream that the Irish were calling him back.  Patrick (aka Maewyn Succat) spent his life in Ireland preaching, converting pagans to Christianity, building churches and schools and monasteries…..and driving all the snakes out (the last ones just a rumor).  Today he is celebrated the world over…usually with parades, green beer and much dancing.  So what have we learned here peeps?  That’s right … immigration is a good thing (I’m referencing when he chose to go back, not when he was “forcibly immigrated” *cough*cough*).  AND on this special day…EVERYONE is Irish!  So lift a pint, wear green, go kiss people and celebrate a poor immigrant that dedicated his life to the people of his beloved adopted country. ❤

Boudoir – Kiss me I’m Irish clover outfit (450L)
Boudoir – Saint Patrick gacha (50L per play) …including:
Saint Patrick Sofa
Irish Table
Saint Patrick Balloons
Saint Patrick Pictures Set
Erin Go Bragh Flag
Irish Flag Puff Chair
Paper Silhouette Lady 1
Paper Silhouette Lady 2
Paper Silhouette Lady 3
Paper Silhouette Leprechaun
Paper Silhouette Kids with Clover
Heart – Forest Undergrowth – Clover and Daisies – Large
*COCO* MIA_Pale_Head
TRUTH HAIR Maiko [Light Blonde 2 Fade] (old gacha)

boudoir kiss me I'm Irish outfit

boudoir st. patrick gacha






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