The World is Ours

The Secret Affair is once again open…this round the theme is Imaginarium.  So I’m looking at the totally whimsical ladder that by Nacht has at the event and I had to use it with the “The world is yours” sign that I had just bought at hive.  I left it up to Darth after that to use his imagination…he did not disappoint.  He has an amazing way of taking the vaguest idea and then pulling stuff out of his ass (i.e. = inventory).  The poses, by the way, are mine…not the poses that are in the ladder.  I liked the idea of not knowing whether he is following her up the ladder or if she is following him down…the monkey looks a bit confused about that also.  Here’s Darth’s version … magical ❤

Little Branch_TulipField*10Li @ The Genre Event.
*~ by Nacht ~ Ladder Moon (250L) @ The Secret Affair
The Silas Gallery Le Petit Cirque – 3 – Unicycle (50L per play) @ Chapter 4
The Silas Gallery Le Petit Cirque – 11 – Equilibriste @ Chapter 4
8f8 – Dreamer’s Cloudland – Home Cloud
hive // words is yours sign
*ionic* Swan Boat
*COCO* Doll Body
*COCO* Doll slip dress white
Truth HAIR Makio
Del May – Checking for Monsters pose
*COCO* KidDoll
*ARGRACE* Baseball cap2/Kyler – Dark Browns
Bauhaus Movement – Ladder Pose


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