Wonders Untold

Wonders Untold

“It arrives like the first ray of sunlight in the spring, like the scent of budding leaves in the wind, the stirring of slumbering spirit. The very first word from the Fairelands, as they begin shifting and changing, stretching and awakening, growing from dreams into reality.”   Sonya Marmurek

Very soon the mist will clear and the door between worlds will appear, allowing us common folk a glimpse into the world of dragons, fairies, unicorns and merfolk.  Time to prepare.

Fantasy Faire is a benefit for the American Cancer Society and as is customary, designers have exclusives with the proceeds going to ACS.  My first preview is for BM (Beyond Majestic) and Bad Katz.  BM made these and several other adorable dragon statues.  The larger one, Dee Dee’s naptime, is an exclusive limited edition color for the Faire and only 50 will be sold.  Both have 100% of their proceeds going to ACS.  Bad Katz is the creator of that thoughtful fairy you see perched on top Dee Dee.  She is a whimsical lifelike statue that will fit perfectly in any fairy garden, especially since she’s mod!  Her proceeds will also go to ACS, so really, how could you resist!?  Bad Katz also made a pair of amazing unicorns…keep an eye out for them ❤  Check out the website for ongoing info, articles, daily totals, events and slurls.

Fantasy Faire 2017, opening on the 20th.


Beyond Majestic LE 2017 Oasis of wonders untold: DeeDee’s naptime (349L) coming to Fantasy Faire 2017
Beyond Majestic Oasis of wonders untold: Tell me a story {Dennis} (349L) coming to Fantasy Faire 2017
Bad Katz Sitting Fairy 1 (225L) coming to Fantasy Faire 2017
HPMD* Colored Bushs – light green, green and purple
Garden by anc dotty wild grass {colorful} 1prim

Fairy Sitting 1 512

BM LE Oasis of untold wonders Naptime DeeDeeBM Oasis of untold wonders Tell me a story Marvin

Fantasy Faire 2017 Poster

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