Dawn’s Promise

Dawn's Promise

Celebrating its ninth year, Fantasy Faire 2017 is the largest gathering of fantasy designers, enthusiasts, roleplayers and performers in the virtual world. From today, Thursday, April 20 to Sunday April 30, treat yourself to eleven days of shopping, live music concerts, DJ parties, auctions, hunts, Literary Festival, dance and theater performances, fantasy art, events and roleplaying as thousands of Second Life residents and creators bring their own visions together to support the American Cancer Society’s vision of a world without cancer.

Avatars, clothing, furnishings, gadgets and exclusive items are available from more than 200 of Second Life’s top Fantasy Creators across ten stunning shopping sims designed by some of the visionary artists behind many of the hottest spots on the Second Life destination guide.

FF17 Dawn's Promise 1

My goal this year is to visit and spend time on at least one sim a day, shopping and snapping.  Today I chose Dawn’s Promise, which happens to be the sim that Aisha’s Be Light headpiece can be found.  A truly magical place dripping with waterfalls, rope vines and charming bridges…the description below (from the website) says it all ❤

FF17 Dawn's Promise 3

Sponsored by The Looking Glass.

Dawn’s Promise  by Marcus Inkpen & Sharni Azalee.
A secret place between times where the old becomes reborn into the new. Majestic crumbling ruins dissolve into a sea of glorious foliage. A place where the lost energies of the past are converted into new life. Springs of life-giving water overflow. Flower petals and creative energy float on the breeze. This is the space between the exhale and the inhale. Full of hope and promise.

FF17 Dawn's Promise 2

.AiShA. Be Light! Headpiece Gold @ FF17 on Dawn’s Promise Sim
/Wasabi Pills/ Raven (F) Mesh Hair (250L) @ FF17 on The Rose Sim
Bauhaus Movement – Carley Knife / GOLD (199L) @ Shiny Shabby
Bauhaus Movement – Carley Necklace / GOLD (299L) @ Shiny Shabby
Storybook – Taryn Top (199L) @ Bloom
Bauhaus Movement – Zambrone Pose (50L)

Carly 1 set

AiShA Be Light Headpiece GoldWasabi Pills_ Raven (F) vendor




Fantasy Faire 2017 Poster

bloom poster

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