Miss Daisy

Okay, so several things to cover.  First…I am so excited and relieved that I finally got this picture done.  My computer/Firestorm/SLviewer have been crackheads the last couple of weeks.  I go days with beautiful graphics and no problems…then I’ll log in and only see half of me (if that) and not much else….and it never rezzes in.  The other day Darth’s eyeballs was floating on the platform grumbling about making space for the 457th other item that would make his shot perfect and I wondered idly what he was talking about, since I saw nothing (but of course, floating eyeballs).  I had no body…just eyeballs and hair …so I relogged onto the SLviewer and I suddenly understood.  He was surrounded by an entire small village that he had put together…I had only seen his eyeballs.  Switching to the SLviewer is a pain in the ass as a fix since it gives me constantly flashing textures and awful windlights.  Anyway…it’s weird…for days I’ll have problems, then I’ll log in and Firestorm will be perfect….for a few days….rinse…repeat.  Yesterday morning was a good day so I figured I would get in as many pictures as possible and worry about editing and such afterwards.  I got to picture #4.  Should have been a relatively simple shot…not much in it.  Me, some gorgeous lanterns and anc’s lavender.  I’m all set up…it looks fabulous…I take a test shot on medium, put the graphics back on ultra and refresh the camera.  Then I get the little spinning circle of death.  It’s like the blue screen of death…just different curse words.    I sat and waited and hoped for the best….no such luck…SL had frozen and subsequently booted me.  Basturds.  When I logged back on…yep….nada…or half nada anyway.  I was so aggravated that I just blew it off and went to edit one of the other pictures as that always relaxes me.  Last night I came back on and amazingly…the gods of Firestorm were smiling on me…mostly.  I got all my angles back, put my beautiful favorite windlight on and got ready to shoot.  The only thing missing, strangely enough, was the chain from my necklace.  I tried opening a new one from the original box, tried a different color, tried rezzing it on the ground….still no chain.  I took the pics anyway and came up with a workaround.  I logged one of my alts on the SL viewer, tp’d her over and zoomed her camera in at mostly the same angle.  Nearly everything looked like shit and I had no head on for her, but that chain was there!  I took the pic and painted that chain into my otherwise good shot.  So much work for what was supposed to be a simple shot…and why?  Because I love you Nino Heartsdale and I didn’t want to do the picture without your daisy necklace!  (I say that as I just noticed the matching ring never rezzed in…oh well!).   Here’s the close up…. chain and all.  The Miss Daisy set is just so pretty and works so well with the whole look, especially the hair and daisy headpiece by pr!tty for Enchantment.  The head, by the way, is Valerie from Akeruka.  Valerie is newly updated to bento and comes with an array of cute animations.  I am not wearing any applier, this is all default skin and makeup that comes with Valerie, nor did I edit the face in any way…she is that beautiful ❤

Yep…that came from this (for some reason my damn head kept bobbling even though I was on a pose!):

On a plus side, you can see the beautiful blouse and texturing by Aleutia that’s on sale today!   Holly, a brand new release, will be offered for only 99L for group members and comes in both prints and solids.  You can mix and match the ruffle with the color change hud for many different looks ❤

The hair and lanterns (and are they not gorgeous!) are from Enchantment, which just opened yesterday and is spinning the tale of Rapunzel this round….do stop by ❤

pr!tty – Endless Hair (299L) @ Enchantment
pr!tty – Branch Headband – {Daisy} @ Enchantment
[Heartsdale Jewellery] Miss Daisy in Pearls Necklace
[Heartsdale Jewellery] Miss Daisy in Pearls Earrings
Air-Flower Lanterns (30L per play) @ Enchantment
Aleutia Holly Blouse (247L regularly, 99L for group members till Monday)
[Akeruka] Mesh Head Valerie Vers. 2.6 Bento
-Garden- by anc lavender {soft purple}mesh 1Li @ TMD
HPMD* Garden Tree04 – brown 1B
Bauhaus Movement #1 Pose (50L)



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