The Secret Affair goes Kawaii

The Secret Affair opened yesterday and takes us on a trip to Harajuku…whooot!  I’ll tell you (and I guess I’m showing my age here) when I heard the theme a while back I wondered why it would be a theme about a city in Japan.  I didn’t realize it was look/style/cosplay thing also.  See…Google knows alllll.  So anyway, think unicorn colors and cuteness and donuts with sprinkles (maybe not sooo much the donuts, but I’m hangry). ❤

Charme – Aiko Blonde Hair @ The Secret Affair
5.Yokai – Okashii – Plaster (pink) (50L per play) @ The Secret Affair
3.Yokai – Okashii – Fan (pink) @ The Secret Affair
13.Yokai – Okashii – Choker (pink) @ The Secret Affair
WONDERLOST – Gwen Top (200L) @ The Secret Affair
WONDERLOST – Gwen Skirt (200L) @ The Secret Affair
WONDERLOST – Cute Bear Backpack – Mint (150L) @ The Secret Affair
Genesis_Head_Jane_3.2 Bento w/ Genesis Fei applier
Bauhaus Movement – Heidi Pose (50L)

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