Keep Looking Forward

Keep looking forward

Keep your face always toward the sunshine and shadows will fall behind you
Walt Whitman

It is that time of year that Magika has their annual Summer sale.  50% off ALL full price ‘do’s till the 12th!  That means you are only paying 133L per pack…how crazy is that!  There’s … errrr….lemme count…30 colors per pack…that’s a plethora of colors for 133L.  I popped over yesterday to see what I needed…thing is…I have every single hair that I love from there…soooooo…I picked up different color packs…namely the #4 pack, my favorite next to the blondes.  For the shot, I popped on 2 of my favorites, one newer and one several years old, but still fabulous.  When you get to the store you will see the newest hairs out.  You can click on the teleporter to take you to short or long ‘do’s … those are also on sale (only the discounted hairs are not on sale).  The backs of the hairs are lovely (and often overlooked in photos) but I put vendor ads below so you could see the front shot ❤

Also fabulous…if you pop by the Tropical Summer Fair you will find these ribbon tattoo’s by White-Widow.  Rite and Rite II come in white, henna and black shades and are just drop dead sexy from behind….perfect with summer bikini’s and low backs! ❤

Both pieces of clothing are Moon Elixir.  The robe was out for FLF yesterday (what a steal!) and while I was there picking it up I caught sight of the Chakra gacha with the smexy low back sweater, perfect for the Rite II tatt.  I crossed my fingers and popped in 75L for the first pull and got the sweater…in the color that I wanted…it was meant to be!  You can scroll down and see the front of these outfits too ❤

Magika Hair – Hunter (266L reg/133L on sale now)
White-Widow – Rite Henna Tattoo (150L each color) @ Tropical Summer Fair 2017
Moon Elixir – Lace Boudoir Robe (300L regular price, but if you hurry you may still catch it out for FLF…I’m there right now (10am SLT on Sat) and it’s still in the front for 50L)

Magika Hair – Road (266L reg/133L on sale now)
White-Widow – Rite II Henna Tattoo (150L each color) @ Tropical Summer Fair 2017
Moon Elixir – Chakra – 8 – Maitreya – Sweater – Snow (75L per play)

an lar – The Sirens Pose

Magika Summer Sale

White Widow - Rite II

White Widow - Rite


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