They were looking at me funny!

I nearly lost it when I saw this bad bad kitty in Black Bantam’s set for The Arcade.  The utter look of innocence…or is that just the startled “holy shit she caught me” look?  Bad kitty looks like she’s trying to think of a plausible explanation for having a fishy in her teeth.  “They were talking smack about you….I defended you….you’re welcome!”  “They wanted to see the world!”  “I found them this way…I was putting them back!”  “What fish?”  “I can explain…!”  Finally though…it all came back to a classic excuse.  For years I’ve played WOW with Jarath.  I’m a bit of a pacifist…I’d rather sneak around a big ass orc and get to the objective….not Jarath.  He just goes in full tilt and starts swinging… even if the odds are way against us AND we didn’t have to kill it.  His go-to excuse?  “They were looking at me funny”.    Baby Groot says the same thing when he’s caught beating up a little dinosaur looking lizard thingie.  Well…he just says “I am Groot” in that adorable little Baby Groot voice…Rocket tells him “They were NOT looking at you funny!”  That’s probably what I sound like when I yell it at Jarath (usually because I’m dead and waiting for a resurrection). 😦

Just to be clear A) you want bad kitty and B) bad kitty is the reward and is only achievable with 20 plays of the Black Bantam set at The Arcade and C) you want bad kitty. ❤

Cheers to HEXtraordinary for having an aquarium at The Arcade….didn’t that work out perfect! ❤

[Black Bantam] Bad Short Hair Fishy Kitty – reward @ The Arcade
*HEXtraordinary* Betta Bowl Aquarium RARE@ The Arcade
dust bunny . postcards
dust bunny . yarn basket
dust bunny . storybook living . lavender tin


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