This week Akeruka is celebrating their anniversary by giving away one of their bento mesh heads as a group gift… one for the girls and one for the guys!  So obviously Lulu above is for the girls…but hey…you could make it work otherwise.  This is the bare default head with the freckles option…tone #1 with no makeup…no appliers at all….gorgeous right?! ❤

Aron is the designated anniversary gift for the guys ⇩  

You have to wear your group tag to pick up the gifts.  If you want the animations hud, that’ll be extra…just look right by the display for the head.  If you’re not in the group…join… it’s only 150L and sooo worth it! ❤


[Akeruka] Lulu Bento head new gen. 2.6 – free group gift!
[monso] My Hair – Vanilla (199L) @ Kustom9


monso vanilla

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