Squatter’s R Us update

Our squatter popped by in the dark of night (my dark, probably his day) and picked up his house.  I had sent him the link to my post (if you didn’t see it, look at the post right before this one…wait 2 before this one…the Bloggie award post is right before this one … hint hint (shameless self interest plug)).  The transient “Lord” left not a word…not even a mah bad hehehe… kids…what’r ya gonna do right!?  Surely not “Lordly” behavior.  This is what was left:

Squatter remains_001

Did I not mention that Darth was putting blow up dolls and poop alllll over the place!!??

♡ ♡ ♡

One thought on “Squatter’s R Us update

  1. YAY he left but thank you again for putting his name out because am at times a b*tch and will leave him a nice word in his IM box *giggling* people like that truly irk me ~ hugzz still it is too funny


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