The Bloggies

The Bloggies - I've Been Nominated! YAY!

Well yayyyyyy!  I’m nominated in a couple of categories for the new Bloggie awards!!   The BVN 2017 Blogger and Vlogger Awards (The Bloggies), will recognize key contributors in the blogging and vlogging community.  Voting is from September 15th through the 30th.  The ballot is restricted to logins only to avoid multiple votes from the same individual. Please be sure to log in to your google account before accessing the form. BVN does not gather nor retain your login credentials. Here’s the link to vote on the BVN website (remember to be on your google account…if you don’t have one…make one!!! Google + is awesome!)

I’d humbly appreciate any votes I may get ♡


♡ ♡ ♡ Love ya’ll muchly!


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