The squatter turns griefer

griefer pic

Soooo…apparently I hit a nerve last week when I outed my juvenile squatter!  A) kudos that he can obviously read (I sent him a link to my blog post) and B) petulance is never pretty.  For those unaware, last week I had a cowardly squatter plop down an entire house on a platform 3,000m up in my airspace.  I called him out in a post and returned his crap to him.  He was too cowardly to apologize or man up (clearly he’s not a man).

I come inworld today to see an IM from a neighbor about a griefer named Lord (snickers) Raithan Eridan (ShadeOfEclipse Resident) leaving shit by her land.  What a coincidence that that happens to be the same small dicked asshole that was squatting on my land just the week before!  He left an offensive object that overly taxes your viewer and can cause extreme lag and crashing.  She finally got close enough and edited, reported, banned and deleted.  She was letting me know that there was also one hanging over my land.  I was on Black Dragon and had no problem at all getting close and editing for info.  Darth and I also sent individual reports and let our other neighbors know that there was a 12 year old asshat griefing the region….no doubt snickering up a storm at his clever retribution.

Seriously…what kind of an idiot thinks putting a giant box with a swastika on top makes himself look like a bad ass?  Well…the kind that choose a name like Lord (snickers) Raithan Eridan  (and ya know…if you’re going to put things like  “I’m quite infamous on here for being one of the worst shitlords on SL” you could make a better effort).

Apparently the shit in shitlords says it all.  Shit effort.  Shit product.  Shit reaction.  Shit coward.  I think perhaps the shitlord is only infamous in his own little immature shithead.  And I see that he is his own personal pet peeve!  In his pics he lists “7. Acting like you’re worth anything on SL.”  Someone needs a time out and to get over himself.

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