Squatter’s R Us

Soooo…I periodically check the objects on my land to make sure peeps clean up.  I leave rezzing rights open … 1. because I remember those days when I didn’t have land and had to open boxes in freebie world (I didn’t know what a sandbox was for) …. 2. I like people feeling comfortable with dropping by and being able to change clothes and whatnot and 3. I LOVE finding shit that people rezz out ….like entire furnished houses.  Now you know this takes time to decorate…so I figure this is how it goes:

1. Fly around scoping out lands for open rezz
2. Cam around to see if there is anyone else in the region (I’m on the mainland)
3. Hang around for at least 15 minutes to see if anyone shows up
4. Put on the detachable giant balls and rezz an platform, followed by the house du jour, no doubt chuckling the entire time
5.  Start decorating, beginning with the sex furniture and GIANT tv’s.
6. Check the radar to make sure the actual land owner hasn’t shown up
7. Throw a squatter party and think to yourself how sooo very clever you are

and the results may look something like this:


and this:


To be fair, the blow up dolls belong to Darth…he is, as we speak, putting them all over the house…along with giant piles of poop.  That’s us on the sex bed in our Cultie and Creedy avatars from Titans (currently at The Secret Affair….shameless blogger plug).  So you ask yourself …. who is so mannerless and oafish that they would think this was acceptable.  Well…this guy for one: squatter rezz
That’ s the squatter, how many prim he rezzed and when…so last night….459 land impact…..big ass balls on Lord Can’t afford my own place to fuck …. they probably don’t belong to him either though.  In his defense though, he’s probably 14, rl balls haven’t dropped, mom keeps him on a tight allowance and squatting is a cheap rush.

squatter profile

You simply can’t make shit like this up….buuuut….you can do shit like this: (look down)


In conclusion, I thank you Lord Wannabee a Man but can’t afford that either …. it’s refreshing to know asshattery has not yet gone out of style in SL….you wear it well.  I’ll be returning your crappy shit …piece by piece….right after you pop over and see the redecorating efforts…and right after we ban your pansy ass self.


3 thoughts on “Squatter’s R Us

  1. BRAVO!!! How refreshing to see someone call out someone ~ at times we are way too polite in SL but I laughed at looking at his profile cuz he has been in several groups making himself look stupid LOL ~ great blog ~ love love it

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    1. He was in groups making himself look stupid!?!? Shocking… although it does clearly state on one of his profile that he is “quite infamous for being one of the worst shitlords on SL”. I am almost always polite….almost…when I’m not provoked. I figure it helps keep a balance against assholes. He did come by and pick his stuff up without a word. And thank you soooo much for the fabulous complement!!! ❤

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