Break of dawn

As is so often the case, our home on mainland is always a work in progress.  Darth is usually trying to junk up the place (literally…like the apocalypse just came thru), I’m usually trying to fantasy it up and Jarath is usually retexturing stuff (accidentally) and planting goats all over (on purpose…and I can’t honestly say why except…he ain’t right and who are we to judge).  We span the front half of 2 regions on the ocean and truly have the most interesting combo of landscaping going on … and yet no beach.  I try to spend time in different spots on the land instead of hanging up on the platform so much and one of the cool little places tucked away up a hill is this old abandoned and overgrown site.  I had just “planted” Little Branches Giant Beech trees and was admiring my handiwork when I thought I’d take a picture….and ya know what’s a good foggy windlight?  Alchemy Immortalis “foggy morning”…. instant mood.  The Beech trees can be found right now at the Sense Event until February 8th.  ❤

Feel free to pop by our work in progress and wander.  We’re rezz friendly (if ya need to run scripts, join the group then just leave it afterwards if need be) so picture taking is easy.  We have a swamp, a desolate, run down apocalyptic area, a semi-deserted town, a wharf, a dock with houseboats, some forested land, a homeless encampment, some magical ruins and 8f8’s full La Petite Joie Cafe set up with gorgeous views ….and just so many other odd and end places.  And of course, we still have Charlie the giant octopus out in the ocean looking for a snack.  As I said, we span 2 regions…but anything that says Sanctuary or Sanctuary by the Sea is ours … and you’re always welcome ❤

Sanctuary by the Sea on Afanasyev

Sanctuary on Rideau

♡ Little Branch_Giant Beech{Animated}4 Seasons @ the Sense Event till February 8th.
♡ Little Branch_Wild Grass*1Li{Dry}
Schultz Bros. [Abandoned] Old Shack w/Items
Schultz Bros. [Abandoned] Old School House
Schultz Bros. Old Rusty Tricycle
/artilleri/ Playground – Merry go round
Domineaux Effect – Frontier Wagon
Heart – Wild Flowers – Garlic Mustard – White – Patch 4
Botanical – Dirt Road End

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