A dream is a wish your heart makes

Have you received your new Belleza Bento update!?  If not, head to the store and hit the redelivery board and update that baby.  I got to use one of my new bento hand poses that I picked up at the Pose fair the other day and was pleasantly surprised that it worked with my Freya curves.  Clearly, if you’ve seen any of my pics, I am normally kinda average/proportional on the slender side….so 99% of store bought poses work for me.  Every now and again I have to adjust a hand or leg a bit (thank you Animare!) but that’s easy squeezy…and understandable.  But damn…I like my Freya curves (polite for boobosity) and usually have to do some work on poses.  The boobs do tend to get in the way….and do you just cringe when someone takes a picture and didn’t fix that!?  I’m not talking fun spur of the moment pics just because…I’m talking about peeps that are bloggers and putting a pic on Flick’r and their blog and their arm is almost completely inside their boob!  Ya think no one’s gonna notice that?  Someone the other day made a comment on FB that it’s not their fault they don’t have any adjusting or editing skills to make fancy pics.  If you call yourself a blogger, it kinda is.  Everything in life has a learning curve…jump in.  How bout you make it look right before you have to edit?  It just takes a simple thing like Animare, which is damn cheap, (I’m sure there are others out there) and some patience to move a couple body parts so you don’t look redonkulous.

Anyway…some pose makers do make several “sizes” of a pose, but many don’t…so you have to make an effort…or learn how to make good (ie not crappy, I can make crappy alllll day long) poses on your own.  That’s one of my summer goals.  That and sleeping in every damn day.  And visiting the mouse.  We’re doing the Disney pilgrimage to Florida in June and it’s going to be a blast…and a challenge.  We’re finally biting the bullet and taking Ava this year….she’s 7 and nonverbal autistic.  We’ve been prepping for a long time…going to places with lots of people and noises…standing in long lines (thank you WalMart) and we feel semi-confident that we can contain a meltdown if need be.  Fingers crossed cause my girl looooves Mickey Mouse more than ice cream ❤

Just BECAUSE Evelyn Gown (249L) @ FaMESHed till April 27th
.Enfant Terrible. Unisex Wings Heart shape (380L) @ We Love Role-Play till April 30th
White-Widow – Venom gold tattoo (225L) @ We Love Role-Play
Belleza– Freya V 5.0 BENTO – NEW UPDATE!
CATWA – Lona Bento head v3.0 (5,000l)
-Garden- by anc “big leaf” one/shrimp{field}2Li (can’t find in store or MP)
{anc} fairly cluster (A) {momo} 1Li (not in store yet)
{anc} Hatsuyume / flower branch (stand) gold 1Li
{anc} Lacey aurora S (13x9m) 4Li (mix/gold)
DS’ELLES for hand bento pose 37 (40L) @ Pose Fair till April30th

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