The End Times

End Times is the theme this round for The Secret Affair, which opened just the other day and will run till May 5th. ❤

I used to do fantasy skins a lot way back in the day…not so much anymore….but I looove this silvery/grayish applier from Essence for The Secret Affair.  Aptly named, Sterling Flux includes 2 brow options; Catwa, Lelutka, Laq and Omega head appliers, Maitreya, Belleza, Physique & Omega body appliers, Catwa and Omega eye appliers….. so yeah…covers a lot of peeps! ❤

Also awesome (not surprisingly) is the metal demon avatar from Harshlands.  Click on the pic above and make it bigger…look at the cool metal/mechanical parts interwoven in the skeleton.  Great attention to detail!  This is the demon avatar that you buy outright…there is also a gacha demon with some pretty cool wings available at the event for 150L per play ❤

*:ESSENCE: Lucifer bodysuit, boots, wings and halo (for maitreya) (399L) @ The Secret Affair till May 5th
*Cazimi: Eyes – Mandala Mesh Eyes (275L) @ The Secret Affair
*Avada – Gianna Sterling Flux body and head appliers (500L) @ The Secret Affair
^^Swallow^^ Noldor Elf Ears (489L) @ Kustom9 till April 10th

*[HarshLands] The Metal Demon Avatar (499L) @ The Secret Affair

*[HarshLands] Rune Stone Circle (499L) @ The Secret Affair
*.:BiSou:. House of Gots (499L) @ The Secret Affair
*{LORE} Ancient Ritual Platform w/waylight (450L) @ The Secret Affair
*{LORE} Elemental Stones (299L) @ The Secret Affair
*DELIRIUM +LUNACY+ // Demon Hand Brazier – Black (150L) @ The Secret Affair
The Silas Gallery The Haze – Chest closed
Fiasco – Majesty Palace Tower (400L) on the Marketplace

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