LAQ Leia 3.0

So the last few weeks LAQ’s been hinting at a change.  Day before yesterday it came…and what a change!  It’s a lot…the release of 2 new motion capture bento heads, Leia and Skye….a new, updated HUD AND a new pricing system.  I honestly can’t say it any better than Mallory can, so I copied this from her Flick’r to make sure I didn’t leave anything out ❤

” – Our fuller, yet still very user friendly HUD will be sold separately from the heads. If you already own a LAQ head/HUD, you don’t have to buy the HUD again, it will be delivered to you. This means that you can now buy heads separately from the HUD for 1500 L per head, instead of the previous 5000 L. The main HUD will be 3000 L and is a one time purchase.

– Increase in number of layers: 5 blush/tattoo layers, 3 eyeshadow layers, 2 lip layers

– Rigging improvements: Smoother flexibility in making different shapes and animations. Ear area rerigged so that you can wear bento ears with no deformations.

– Higher resolution for the eyelashes uv map. Controls for upper and lower lashes length, * opacity * and textures. Old lash appliers will need to update to the new uv map.

– New animation HUD: Shorter expression sequences for more control over how you want your avatar to interact. Larger smiles. Working furniture animations. Lock neck to play animations without head movements. Eye movements control, including mocap eyes only.

– All shapes are now full permission, so that you can transfer or resell your own versions of it if you wish

– Omega will be preinstalled on all heads purchased up until 2018.04.12. Heads purchased after this date will need a LAQ system kit.

– All skins are also sold separately, so you can pick any of them to go with your head

– RGB display and save slots for color tints

– Right/left ears on/off

– Clear all layers button

– Eye fx on/off, create and opacity

– Mouth/tongue on/off, tint

– Larger hairbase layer area

– Upper/lower teeth on/off

We think splitting up the costs makes more sense than paying 5k for the same features every time. We hope you’ll love it too! ♥ ”

I’m inclined to agree!  So here’s a quick and dirty glance at the HUD and some things that I just fell in love with….first, old HUD vs new HUD:

When you put a new head on now you won’t have a default skin, but you can use any LAQ skin that you may already have…or another Omega friendly applier (don’t forget to get a LAQ system kit for Omega now!).  This lovely shade of silver is your base.

Throw on a skin applier and BAM!  Instant beauty ❤  This is the new Leia head with the Leia shape and brows…and then I put on the Leia skin in the 1.5 tone.

Then on to makeup!  I LOVE the new lash choice…those spiky like lashes!  And the 5 tattoo layers…helloooooo….now you can wear freckles and blush and moles and well…you get the picture …. AND you get layers with your eyeshadow and lipstick too!  ❤

The best part of the animations page of the HUD?  The neck lock.  Keeps the animation, holds the head still so you can take that picture ❤

Also on display and fabulous:

Heartsdale has a classy new set out @ Swank this month.  The Angelina choker and bracelet come in dark and light diamonds as well as rubies and emeralds…all excellent choices.  Nino also made a studded tie for the gentlemen, but I liked it, made it smaller and wore it myself….so there!   monso’s newest ‘do, Jessica, is out at Collabor99 and comes with an adorable bow in the back of some gorgeous long hair. ❤

*LAQ Bento – Motion Capture – Leia 3.0 – NEW
*LAQ Leia skin applier in 1.5 tone
*LAQ Leia shape and brows
*[monso] My Hair – Jessica (s/ ribbon) (188L) @ Collabor88 till May 6th
*[Heartsdale Jewellery] Angelina Choker Dark Diamonds @ Swank till the 30th
*[Heartsdale Jewellery] Angelina Bracelet Dark Diamonds@ Swank
*[Heartsdale Jewellery] Il Divo Necktie Steel Grey (for the guys….it’s mod…so I modded it, so what) @ Swank
*[Aleutia] Jules (Maitreya) (200L) @ On9 till April 30th (doing the whole top in the next post 🙂
^^Swallow^^ Noldor Elf Ears

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