Fantasy Faire 2018

The Bazaar Dungeon

The mists have cleared and once again we can make out way into the Fairlands.  This is my favorite time of the year and my favorite event.  With 15 sims there is something for everyone…truly.  Roleplaying, a quest, tabletop gaming, a lit fest, an auction, jail and bail, 2 Shakespeare plays, numerous performances and of course…shopping.  All to benefit Relay for Life.  This is the 10th year for Fantasy Fair and the celebrations are going strong.  I’ve been participating for most of those years and am always amazed at the wonder that materializes.  Please take a few minutes and visit the Fantasy Faire website for tons of info on events and such! ❤

Each year I wander the sims… people watching, exploring, learning, picture taking and of course, shopping.  I try to spend a few hours at least at each sim….all of them are amazingly themed and so very detailed.  Today I spent time in the Bazaar Dungeons…..once I found my way in.  You have to go through a tunnel to find your way deep underground when suddenly the walls open and you find yourself in the midst of an amazing bazaar.

I always go to the Faire as low lag as possible.  This year I got the adorable dark elf avatar from Curious Kitties (there’s a light elf avatar also!), which happens to be located in the Bazaar Dungeon.  If you’ve ever been to FF, surely you’ve noticed that everyone dresses up.  As you wander you see mer people, tinies, elves, dragons, furries, hampsters… name it…you’ll see it.  That’s what makes the people watching so much fun.  I snapped some pics of just a few of the interesting peeps I saw this morning at the bazaar and put them in the slideshow below….enjoy….and go visit! ❤

Curious Kitties – Kittenz Nexxis Dark Elf Avatar – Body @ The Bazaar Dungeon
Curious Kitties – Nyanotech Hair [Type B] – Elven Criminal V3 @ The Bazaar Dungeon


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