The Story Well

The Story Well_003

Today found me at The Story Well in Fantasy Fair.  This is one of the non-shopping sims.  So if there’s no shopping what IS there to do?  Pffft….what isn’t there to do!?  The amazing sim build is by Master Builder Haveit Neox and artist Lilia Artis and is a wonder to behold.  There is a story to carry you through all the nooks and crannies of the island sim….above ground and below the surface of the sea.  When you go, you will see wooden “storyteller” boxes scattered about offering a free folder.

Boudoir Origami Crane @ The Story Well_003

Inside you will find a notecard with the story to follow and LM’s to get you to each place in the kingdom.

Some of the highlights outside of the story include a wall of items up for a silent auction and official voting boards for King and Queen of the Faire.  Currently, Jareth, the Goblin King, and Daenerys Targaryen are in the lead respectively.

The Story Well_002

On the East and West side of the island kingdom sit galleries of artwork from fellow residents around the grid ….. several of which may or may not be by moi (shameless plug).

The Story Well_004

So I wandered (flew) about in the free Minkie avatar by Titans (low lag remember!?) that you can pick up at all the sims.  For easy access (or just for the absolute fun of it) I sat atop the Origami Crane by Boudoir that’s for sale @ the Aetherea sim and flitted about.

Boudoir Origami Crane @ The Story Well_001

While flitting…I was lucky to be right on time for a Misfit Follies show, which was set up right off the coast of the island.  I have to tell you….it was amazing….really amazing!  There are a few more shows this week, make a point to catch one ❤

The Story Well_013

Below is a gallery of pics taken around the sim.  It amazed me when I accidentally stopped flying and fell underwater….and there was stuff there!  So much amazing stuff!  Please don’t pass up the opportunity to check this sim out and enjoy some wandering time ❤

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