Not all angels reside in Heaven

Happy Friday peeps!  I have been alternately wandering Fantasy Fair and cursing at my computer the past week….sometimes at the same time actually.  Uber opened the other day and Just Because has this ridiculously smexy dress that I’ve been trying to get a picture of, but no matter what body I put on, I only see parts of me.  So ya know what….plan Q.  I set everything up, got the angle and distance I liked and asked Darth to take the picture for me.  He’s a bit anal retentive when taking a picture, so I had no reservations….except for the light/dark thing.  Darth is pretty fond of dark shots and I go for lighter…. but he took a series of pics and I used some of each.  Took a bit more time with the transferring of said pics from him to me and such…but it was worth it ❤

Bloom is open through this weekend, don’t forget to go by and pick up anything you haven’t already.  The spring-y necklace set by Bauhaus Movement is in the gacha section and is entirely to pretty to pass up ❤

My travels the past several days took me to The Willows of Nienna, a serene sim with gently flowing water and lavender willow trees.  This is where you will find the amazing bento Seraphim wings by Les Encantades. The color choices are many, but the white and/or black pair are the faire exclusives where the proceeds go straight to Relay for Life…and well…I always go for white ❤


The walkthrough is just gorgeous ❤

At least once a year I come across a Colossal avie at the faire!  I happened upon this big guy and was tickled to see he was a gumby man (dating myself with that one, they’re really called jellydolls when they are above and beyond rendering capabilities) ❤

Argrace – Nazuba Hair (250L) – NEW!
Just Because Georgie Dress (199L) @ Uber till May 23rd
Bauhaus Movement – Daisy necklace RARE 1 @ Bloom till April 30th
Bauhaus Movement – Daisy headband common 05 @ Bloom
Bauhaus Movement – Daisy bracelet common 13 @ Bloom
Les Encantades – Seraphim Wings (150L) @ Fantasy Faire 2018 on the Willows of Nienna sim till May 7th (it’s been extended….yayyyy!)
Lucas Lameth –  The Village (219L) @ We Love Role-Play till April 30th



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