Arcade Queen

The Arcade is once again open for summer fun!  I haven’t been, although Darth got in on his first try this morning and had no problem moving around.  I went to the Seraphim Yard Sale and picked a good many of the commons that were on my list, not all…but many ❤

This Arcade Queen set is from Axix.  It’s her first time at the arcade and it’s adorable that she did an arcade theme!! (and yeah, I’m stepping on death plushie)<3

Also, Argrace just dropped their newest ‘do into the store.  Suiren is long and straight and parted down the middle.  It comes in 2 versions, the one I have on has the left side in front, the other version has both sides in front…both are gorgeous ❤

Thanks to Darth for rezzing out the Nomad Retro Arcade for me….I took this pic in the front lobby area ❤

::Axix:: Arcade Queen Dress [Vinyls] RARE (50L per play) @ The Arcade
::Axix:: Arcade Queen Shoes [Pink] @ The Arcade
::Axix:: Arcade Queen Peach Juice @ The Arcade
::Axix:: Arcade Queen Plushie Prizes @ The Arcade
::Axix:: Arcade Queen Arcade Machines @ The Arcade
::Axix:: ArcadeQueen Credit Tickets @ The Arcade
LAQ – Bree bento mesh head, applier in 1.0 and shape
Nanika – Kira body freckles
NOMAD // Retro Arcade (80’s Version) 44LI
Pose – started with Del May’s Lost Pizazz (50L) and then modded the heck out of it 🙂


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