Vintage Fair 2018

The Vintage Fair presented by Culprit & Pale Girl Productions is coming to your SL on June 8th and will run till the 24th.  Over 160 designers (check out the list on the Pale Girl website) have come together to create designs that bring back memories from the decades we may have grown up in and times we’ve only read about.  Prepare for glamour, rebellion and everything in between.

Let’s start with glamour….Belle Epoque has this drop-dead gorgeous man-killer of a dress that you will need when hitting up the Jazz clubs.  Throw on some pearls and you are the classiest chick in the room ❤

Belle Epoque { Nagore } White – coming to Vintage Fair 2018 on June 8th
Belle Epoque { Challenge me } Gloves White
*Tukinowaguma* Celia hair
Bauhaus Movement – Reina Necklace // PEARL
Bauhaus Movement – Delicate Headband / BLACK-PINK – SILVER
Manifeste – Model Pose 840 (left hand modified)


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