LAQ Bento – Sandy 3.05 head (1,500L), shape, brows and applier (990L) in 1.0 tone @ UBER till July 23rd
Neonemia – Aina Hair @ The Liaison Collaborative till July 26th
White-Widow – Lolita tattoo in white (225L) @ We Love Role-Play till July 31st
The Annex – Astrid – Negligee – Cream (125L) @ We Love Role-Play
Ariskea [Amber] Porch Chair [Brown] (209L) @ The Liaison Collaborative
Sway’s [Elodie] Candles and Seashells @ The Liaison Collaborative
Sway’s [Elodie] Monstera Plant (tall) @ The Liaison Collaborative
Le Poppycock *Castaway* Sparkling Horizons (Raft) (69L per play) @ The Liaison Collaborative
.::Distorted Dreams::. Octo Stone Cold Statue (225L) @ We Love Role-Play
KittyCats – Pandora (Bengal Blue Teacup) ♡

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