We can haz snoballs too?!

You haz snoballs?  We also love snoballs!  Watch out…… Culprit has some serious adorableness happening for FaMESHed Go!  The thing about FaMESHed Go is you want the HUD to pop around to all the stores….this way you get points and gifties…. and Scotchkins (they come with companion AND prrrmbah versions!) ❤

Also, yeah … snoballs.  Not snow cones or shaved ice.  We here in New Orleans have snoballs … it’s a Summer pilgrimage (at least weekly) to the neighborhood snoball stand for your favorite flavor (Isabella’s is tigers blood…wtf is that all about?!).  With the temps and humidity both hanging at or close to 100 for almost a month now, snoballs are one of the very few things we’ll happily trudge out for.

The back shot up top is on super good reason purpose (1 month into summer vacay and my grammar skills have hit the wtf wall).  Click on the pic and make it bigger, then check out the hair bow in the back of Argrace’s new ‘do….is it not ridiculously cute!?  AND it matches (kinda) the tie in the back of the justBecause dress ❤

And wait….WAIT!  Before I forget (I have twice already) ….today is my 5-year anniversary blogging…..5 years! It’s not a long time compared to some …but it’s 4 1/2 years longer than I thought it would be.  Whodathunkit!?  When I was trying to figure everything out way back on the 3rd of July in 2013 I took a picture on my deck to see how to put it in WordPress.  Then I hit publish and wham!  Nothing else…lol….just the silly pic…and that was my 1st post (click it dammit!)  I thought about deleting it, but ya know what…it’s my history and it makes me smile.  I actually made 4 or 5 posts in the first 3 days to figure things out, adding a new thing here and there.  The one thing that took me a couple of weeks to figure out was that my pics were too damn small!  Duchess pointed that out to me one day right before The Secret Affair opened and she and Darth walked me through how to make them more presentable … so a big MUAH to them.  By the 9th, 1 week in, I had 10 posts … of which this one and this one are my favorites …. seriously … try NOT to look at the system hands and feet…and the awful pre-ankle lock ankles!!  Can’t do it.  ❤

Now back to business!  If you pop by UBER you can pick up the new summer dress from just Because, Rebel.  It is sexy and sweet and comes in billions of colors and patterns….almost.  Maybe closer to 26.  Rebel Hope made adorable sandals to match too, they’re sharing a space…can’t miss them ❤

The Liaison Collaborative just opened today and We Love Role-Play opens tomorrow and let’s not forget Pose Fair’s around all month … so there is truly a plethura of shopping to be done ❤

Here’s another pic so you can see how pretty the hair and dress (and me, who are we kidding) are from the front ❤

These pics were taken on our dock and I have to tell you, I didn’t do it justice only showing that tiny bit.  Darth worked his butt off on it and continues to add and maneuver chit around.  It’s truly worth a look-see ❤

Sanctuary dock

LAQ Bento – Sandy 3.05 head, shape and applier in 1.0 tone @ UBER till July 23rd
Just BECAUSE Rebel Dress (199L) @ UBER till July 23rd
Culprit Scotchkin Mike 1 (299L each)  released at the mainstore for Fameshed Go (this round ends on July 10th)
Culprit Scotchkin Snowy for Fameshed Go
Culprit Scotchkin Tuxedo for Fameshed Go
Culprit Scotchkin Siamese for Fameshed Go
Junk Food – Sno Cafe Cart w/ syrup, cups and snoballs @ The Liaison Collaborative till July 26th
[noctis] Coletta’s garden table coming to We Love Role-Play July 4th
[noctis] Coletta’s garden chair coming to We Love Role-Play July 4th
[noctis] ostara candle jar coming to We Love Role-Play July 4th
WetCat Rested Pose 5M (on top picture) @ the Pose Fair till July 31st
Manifeste Model 844 Pose (on bottom picture)  @ the Pose Fair

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