Waiting out Winter

I’m pretty over the whole Winter thing.  I’m pretty sure everybody else is too (those actually experiencing the season at the moment) …especially those of you that have been hip deep (or more) in snow and still have to get to work.  I love my fuzzy socks and warm soft flannel jammies, but I’m sick of having to sleep in them.  Of course, if I didn’t have to get up before the crack of dawn and put layers upon layers of real clothing on to go to work (only to peel half of it off once I get there because the building is so damned overheated) I’d probably tough it out with a cheerier attitude.  While drinking coffee and scrolling through Netflix and Amazon.  And napping…lots of napping. ❤

I did just have a long weekend and I spent it doing just that…as well as pixel shopping.  There are a bunch of events opening, some brand new.  I spent a long glorious morning sipping coffee and hopping from event to event, throwing Lindens around like a Kardashian.  I promise you one of those girls (maybe even Rob, we don’t judge) wants this hairdo from Sintiklia.  I bought the ‘do at Soiree, but it wasn’t the main item that Sintiklia made for the event, just also offered there…so it’s at the main store also (same price so no worries).  The fabulous top and skirt are Just Because and can be found at the new event, A+… an interesting event as it has all the designers arranged by category (men, women, accessories, poses…you get the idea). The people watching was pretty spectacular too.  A cat playing the guitar and busking for tips, a baby crawling around and a guy standing in between the boobs of a giant naked chick statue and taking a picture (learn how to do silent pics!).  So the moral of the story is…stay inside…go virtual shopping…feed your inner pixel ❤

Sintiklia Hair – Eliza (425L) @ Soiree till Feb. 19th (also at the main store)
Just BECAUSE Betty Top (160L) @ A+ till Feb. 16th
Just BECAUSE Bailey Skirt (160L) @ A+
(Milk Motion) The loft (rainy edition w/ivy) (101 li) (788L) @ Collabor88 till Feb. 6th
DS’ELLES bento hand # 36 Pose
(Milk Motion) snow pines

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