Choose to Shine

Trying to bring in some warmth people…it’s been in the 30’s here (that’s F… sooo ….1-2 C) … which for us is nearly catastrophic.  Kids think they’re excused from school…cause its cold, dogs do the “oh hell no” when they poke their head outside and those of us that are forced to adult bitch every second we have to be outside.  We deep southerners are just not programmed for cold…but it goes both ways.  We bask and do the happy dance when it’s only 90 on a summer day, all the while attempting to soothe a northern tourist and assure them that they will not, in fact, melt. Bless their hearts ❤

I find that cold weather is conducive to pixel shopping though and UBER did just open…always look for the positive ❤

Dura-U90 Hair (330L) @ Salon 52 till Feb. 4th
LAQ Bento Lulu 3.05 head and shape
LAQ Noelle Skin applier in 1.0 tone
^^Swallow^^ Magic Pixie Ears
Bauhaus Movement – Sofia Headband / COMMON 25 (75L per play) @ Epiphany till Feb. 12th
Bauhaus Movement – Sofia Collar / COMMON 23 @ Epiphany
Kaithleen’s Edith Dress – White (239L) @ UBER till Feb. 22nd
Manifeste Model 907 (100L) @ The Pose Fair till Jan. 31st

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