Close your eyes and make a wish


This is Wild for Skin Fair 2019.  Their skin applier, Ashley, has both a CATWA and an Omega applier HUD…so I took advantage and applied it to my LAQ Lulu head (cause it’s Omega friendly) and I think I am just too freaking pretty!  The applier comes in 3 tones…nude, butter and tanned.  That’s the butter that I have on above.  Also, just out of sheer serendipity my eyes just happened to blink when I was taking the 1st shot (forgot to turn the blink off) and I caught it at that most opportune time.  Remember the days before mesh heads and HUDS and appliers where you had to just keep clicking to catch a shot with your eyes closed?  Good times. ❤

Anyhow, the nails are also over at the Fair.  Look below for some closer headshots so you can see the 3 shades Ashley comes in as well as a few different designs on the nails.  None below are edited at all, just cropped and named.  The main pic above has the dandelion seeds added in.  I also gyazoed (gyazo-ed?  gyazod?) a shot with the HUD up so you can see the choices you have for the body and head appliers.  You can click on any of these individual shots and have it enlarge for a closeup view. ❤

Lastly…just a few side notes.  The complexity meter has been taken off at the Fair, but still…hold the bling down just for courtesy sake…it’s still packed with people and you want to be able to move around.  Also, I popped over yesterday and saw a few things that I hadn’t noticed before.  A. 2 Lindens were there perusing and I assume possibly buying tings…. (just a cool sighting)  B. On the front of every stall is a sign that has the logo’s of whatever heads/bodies that store supports….sooo…if you only have a Genus head…skip the skin stores that don’t have Genus appliers!  What a good idea!!! ❤

LAQ Bento – Lulu 3.05 head and shape
[monso] My Hair – Alicia @ FaMESHed till March 27th
[Seydr] An Unexpected Journey: Thandruil: Eyes
Wild – Ashley Skin applier for face and body @ Skin Fair 2019 South Sim #41 till March 24th
je suis – Manicure Bento nails, base coat and top coat @ Skin Fair 2019 North Sim #53
FOXCITY – Hypnose Bento Pose

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