Classy as I wanna be

Skin Fair 2019 is still in swing…with 6 days left and no complexity limits now is the time to visit.  This is the new Genus Strong Face head with Mila’s Aurora skin applier.  Click on any of the pics to get them full screen so you can see the details close-up ❤

Adding the classy factor is Heartsdale Jewellery’s Monroe collection, now at Swank.  There is just no bad way to wear any of this collection … mix and match …. gown or overalls ❤

GENUS Project – Genus Head – Strong Face – v1.6 @ Skin Fair 2019 South Sim # 6 till March 24th
Mila Aurora Genus Applier, body applier, shape and brow @ Skin Fair 2019 North Sim # 8
Sintiklia – Hair Aurora 50% off @ eBento till March 31st
[Heartsdale Jewellery] Monroe Collection Necklace @ Swank till March 31st
[HJ] Monroe Collection Head Ornament @ Swank
[HJ] Monroe Collection Earrings @ Swank
[HJ] Monroe Collection Shoulders @ Swank
[HJ] Monroe Collection Bracelet @ Swank
[HJ] Monroe Collection Ring @ Swank
Blueberry – Lace Top (older gift)
Blueberry – Ivy Denim Overalls

The pose started out as a Del May pose, but I modded the f*ck out of it to get it like this…thank you Animare ❤


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