The Shrine Tree @ The Fairelands

And just like that…the gate to the Fairlands appeared and swung open to the excited masses waiting on the other side.  It wasn’t as smooth an entrance as one would hope, it was fraught with glitches and glimmers and do-overs, but in the end the Linden magic held fast and we common folk could finally pass through and enjoy the wonder that is Fantasy Fair 2019.  ❤

This is year 11 for the annual Relay for Life event and it is overflowing with wonder …16 (you saw that right, 16) sims full of shopping, activities, and entertainment.  There is a Literary Fest, multiple role-play’s going on, a quest, performance groups, an art gallery, tabletop games, meet and greets, auctions, tutorials, continuous dj’s and live singers, parties galore, a masked ball, and the occasional jailing of notorious criminals by tiny sheriffs of the Fairlands!  Truly…so much packed into 10 days and too much to list here.  Check out the website for all the info, including days, times, descriptions and landmarks ❤

I have been a happy volunteer with the Faire for years and live the entire 10-ish days (the Lindens graciously leave the land open for a day or so at the end for last minute wandering and shopping) hopping for one sim to another… snapping (pics), dancing, buying, watching….always watching.  I work on the Pinterest team getting the shopping catalog together and my assigned sim this year is The Shrine Tree, built and sponsored by The Looking Glass (Marcus Inkpen and Sharni Lubomir).  I’ve made my home base here and happily wander through twinkly lit colorful trees with baby dragons and fairies all about.  The picture above was taken in my travels and only one of many magical spots on the sim.  The avie I’m wearing is from the 2015 Faire and one of my go-to outfits for low impact roaming and because…you know….it’s a paper doll and how freaking cool is that (they have boy ones tooooo!)!?  The paper dolls are in a gacha machine at DDDF now and one is cuter than the next (my favorite is the redhead, but I lost her in the Great Inventory Snap of 2016 and haven’t gotten around to going and playing the machine in hopes of getting her back). Everything else is from this years Faire and can be found by hitting on those links in my description list way below (and it’ll actually bring you right to the vendor).  Before you get to that point though, here are some of my pics from traveling through The Shrine Tree ❤

Dandelion DayDreams Factory – Paper Poppets Avatar, PoppeRina Black (from a FF2015 gacha,149L per play)
Belle Epoque { Fantasy Faire Crown } (99L) on Faireholm
*HEXtraordinary* Shoulder Dragon – Onyx (50L per play) on The Shrine Tree
[Charming Forge] Forest Faery- Spring-Sit (100L) on Bayounimba
*HEXtraordinary* Cozy Dragonet – Onyx (modded larger, so yayyyy you can do that! 50L per play) on The Shrine Tree
The Looking Glass – FF2019 – Shrine -Mystical (350L) on The Shrine Tree
The Looking Glass – The Shrine Tree Twinkle Tree 2 (200L)on The Shrine Tree

The Shrine Tree Sponsored by The Looking Glass
Designers: Marcus Inkpen and Sharni Lubomir

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