Discarded Curiosities

Where do all the odd and end discarded curiosities go?  My wanderings in the Fairlands took me to The Department of Discarded Curiosities, where flyers pave the walkways and old boxlike buildings were getting a fresh coat of paint.  Books, toys, and ….well….curiosities are haphazardly scattered about making for a joyfully whimsical and muchly interactive adventure. ❤

I’m putting my details here and the pictures below so they don’t get lost wayyyyy down there.  All of the LM’s from the different sims in the Fairelands go directly to that store, but still…you will want to wander at each ❤

Genus Project Baby Face Head, Renee Skin applier
Firelight Irene Gen2+ Hair (on both) on Sanguinely Garden
Eveline In The Box – Alina Dress (on both) on Nightshade Blossoms
1313 Mockingbird Lane Evie Sandals (on both) on Nightshade Blossoms
Rivendale Seelie Wings (yellow) on Tensor’s Flying Market
Lunaria Ethereal Wings (lavender) on The Light of Valoth

Taken at Discarded Curiosities @ Fantasy Faire 2019



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