Summer streets

At noon SLT Vintage Fair 2019 opened to the public!  Hopefully, you have your shopping list at the ready and know which sim to hit for each store.  As a reminder, here’s the shopping guide and below you will find a map of each sim with the stores on them.  Also…remember for this first weekend there is a complexity limit of 50,000….which sounds like a lot…but not so much as it turns out.  I went to one of the sims to take this picture and the bouncer yelled at me because I was at 58,000…then he sent me home.  I had no shoes on and wiped the scripts from my hair, earrings, and glasses (there were none in the dress).  I went back and wasn’t there 30 seconds when the bouncer started yelling at me again saying I was at 51,000.  I mentally gave him the finger and took the picture quick right before he unceremoniously booted me again.  Just to show him he’s not the boss of me, I went back and took the close up….then left before he could do diddly squat.  So yeah…go invisible this weekend ❤

By the way, the subway entrance right behind me was made by Schultz Bros. and is available at Vintage Fair.  I’m actually standing right in front of their store at the North sim landing point

On a side note, I love this whole get up so much I saved it as an outfit in my inventory.  It is my new classy ass chick look ❤

LAQ – Noelle bento head
LAQ – Monroe skin applier in 1.0 tone and shape @ Vintage Fair 2019 (South sim) – Opening at NOON SLT
.EscalateD. Alina / mirror V1 – Hair @ Vintage Fair 2019 (North Sim)
Bliensen + MaiTai – Kitty -Glasses -Polkadots red/white – dark @ Vintage Fair 2019 (North sim)
Tres Beau Alexandra Pearl and Diamond Drop Earrings @ Vintage Fair 2019 (South sim)
-AZUL- Brenda Top & Skirt/Garnet @ Vintage Fair 2019 (South sim)
Manifeste Model # 907

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