Belleza’s exclusive item for the anniversary round of ACCESS (opening Wednesday @ noon) is Vanessa for the Genus head.  Vanessa comes in all 7 skin tones and includes 5 brow options, matching base skin, brow shape, body shape, and Omega body applier. ❤

Still in classy mode with my hair, headdress, and jewelry all from the Vintage Fair.  This ‘do from Excess, Annabelle, isn’t the exclusive over at the fair, but it and another vintage-y (vintagey…vintagish…dunno, nothing looks right) hair are available there.  There is a style HUD with it, so you don’t have to have these bangs…but I loooove them! ❤

With the exception of softening the edges and cropping, I didn’t edit this picture.  I took it on high (not even ultra) using the Annan Adored Optimal Skin windlight and played with a facelight and the environment editor till I got the lighting I liked (that my friends, takes longer than editing).  I say this so you know that this IS what the skin and hair look like…those textures are perfection.  The close up below is without the facelight and on the setting in between medium and high (cause you know it gets brighter the lower you go)…so this is what you’d look like walking around SL ❤

GENUS Project – Genus Head and Eyes- Classic Face
Belleza – Vanessa skin Applier, shape and brow for Genus in Medium coming to Access June 12th
Exile:: Annabelle @ Vintage Fair 2019 (North Sim)
chocolate atelier – Jocelyn *Pink* Headdress @ Vintage Fair 2019 (South sim)
Moondance Boutique – Betty Collar 1 and Earrings @ Vintage Fair 2019 (South sim)
{anc} sugar rose field [rose] 1Li

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