Summertime goodies from Vintage Fair 2019…the outfit and beach stuff that is. ❤

The adorable kitty is new from Black Bantam…and not even the cutest of the collection!  One of them has a space helmet on!!  As soon as I can figure out a picture for it …bam! ❤

Then there’s the mousie.  The kinda big mousie.  Mousie on steroids…or maybe raised near a nuclear power plant… I dunno, but kittie is suspicious.  He’s new from Culprit and he’s an animesh companion….so he happily strolls beside you waving his arms about, scratching his butt…whatever mousies like to do (I swear, I think he smells his paw after he scratches his butt!).  When you run, he runs (which is hilarious with those short little legs), if you fly, he flys too…flapping his arms about like a bird.  He does play air guitar, but he does not dance when you do (damn you Eku!!…make him dance!!) When you sit (or get on a pose stand as I found out while doing the pic) he sits…all the while looking quite pleased with himself.  He shall now be my faithful butt scratching companion…get your own ❤

Below is a full shot of the front and back of the Entice outfit and monso hair… click on either and they will enlarge to the size of your screen for a closer look  ❤

[monso] My Hair – Rose (188L) @ Collabor88 till July 6th
GENUS Project – Genus Head – Classic Face
Belleza – Vanessa skin applier, shape and brow for Genus in Medium tone coming to Access Wednesday, June 12th
Maxi Gossamer – Necklace – Leather Alexa Choker – Design 3 (from a previous FLF a few weeks ago)
Entice – Summer Baby Top @ Vintage Fair 2019 ( South sim) till this Sunday, June 16th
Entice – Summer Baby Bottoms @ Vintage Fair 2019
Raindale – Southern Shore beach towel @ Vintage Fair 2019 ( North sim)
Raindale – Southern Shore radio (yellow) @ Vintage Fair 2019
Raindale – Southern Shore parasol @ Vintage Fair 2019
[Black Bantam] Chocolate Kitty Ribbon Bow Decor =^.^= (388L) @ Collabor88 till July 6th
Culprit – Mousie Animesh follow pet
dust bunny . beach bag . cream
Del May – One Elbow Lay pose (arms, legs modified)

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