Important words unsaid

I spent the last week at a competition in Kentucky with 9 teenage students and I live to tell the tale.  Probably a better statement would be that THEY lived to tell the tale, cause really…crank calls at 3am are only funny when you’re 15 (I told the budding comedian that did it that I was going to call his mom the next night at 3am and express surprise if she didn’t find it funny).  We were supposed to fly home Saturday but Southwest (and I dunno, perhaps the gods of humor) decided to break a plane and we were delayed to Sunday.  Even though they put us up in a nice nearby hotel and gave us meal vouchers I was muthafuckin up a storm in my head as the kids were high fiving and googling the restaurants in the hotel.  I’d say that the fact that I brought these kids to a national competition (they had all won gold at the state competition) for an entire week should cement me a place in heaven….except that a time or two I was hoping I’d lose a particular kid and that will probably cement my job as a bus driver in hell. 🙂

Anyway, I am home and so happy to sit here sipping coffee and catch up SL wise ❤

Magika – Hair – Jade
Catwa – Jade v.3.3
Belleza Fleur applier in medium for Catwa head coming to The Liaison Collaborative July 3rd @ 3pm SLT
^^Swallow^^ Princess Ears
Izzie’s – Winter Mesh Eyes
Blueberry – Corset Dress (from a past FLF)
Manifeste – Model # 919

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