Peace begins

So yayyyyyy….WordPress just reminded me that I started my blog 6 years ago today!!  Ya know, when I look at my numbers…specifically how much space I have left (little less than half of my allotted amount…and I’m premium on here), I kinda start to worry about running low and what I would do in that case.  Then reality sets in…it took me 6 years to reach a bit over halfway…so I should have at least 4-5 more years before true worrying should start….right!?  What are the odds I’ll still be wanting to do this by then!?  Actually, I thought that very same thing 5 years ago….when my blog was turning 1 and I love it today as much as I did then.  I definitely wouldn’t start cutting my old posts….that very first year was so special to me and I revisit those posts often.  At one point….wayyyy back 4ish years ago….somebody told me I should be doing my pictures in PNG format to keep the quality.  I did notice that the PNG format takes up a monstrous amount of space compared to the regular JPG format but at the time I was swimming in sooooo much space that it didn’t register.  Then I started to question the quality thing…I’m not kidding anybody, the Louvre isn’t calling anytime soon to display a pic….nor are any RL art galleries…so I stopped saving the final pic in PNG.  I do still take the initial pics in that format, but the final is now in JPG…and my WordPress is no longer gaining the weight it used to… and guess what…I can’t even tell the difference quality-wise.  Perhaps one week (or month) when I feel the need I will go back in my gallery here and convert the PNG’s to JPG’s…but that seems wildly time-consuming and hey….I still have lots of room…no need to panic (yet). ❤

On to the credit stuff!  A couple of disclaimers here.  The shape is from ICKA…they’re no longer around…even on the MP.  I bought it a few years ago to go on my Catwa head and then they disappeared…shame.  Also, the okkbye lashes, which are beyond adorable, were at the Bloom event a few months ago.  The inworld store is temporarily closed and these particular lashes aren’t on the MP… (maybe when Elisa reopens her store or catches up on her MP listings!) ❤

I did pull out some oldies here….Boudoir is always a go-to when thinking fairy-ish and Heart has such pretty flowers.  I just grabbed the pose a few days ago, it had been at Cosmopolitan but it’s at west end’s main store now.  The hair, skin and tiara are all coming to We Love Role-Play tomorrow … noonish.  Feel free to wait a day…I know those of us that celebrate 4th of July will either be bbq-ing or (and this goes for everybody) glued to Netflix binging the 3rd season of Stranger Things (I’ll be doing both and I will be happy….cause Eleven will not let me down, unlike some dragon riding chick). ❤

NYNE – Russia Hair coming to We Love Role-Play July 4th
Le Forme Tina applier in Sugar tone for Catwa coming to We Love Role-Play
– Fika – Duchess Fringe Tiara coming to We Love Role-Play
Catwa Head Lona 3.0
Icka – Maisy shape (sorry, it’s pretty old and I think the store is gone from SL and MP)
Izzie’s – Winter Mesh Eyes
okkbye – Ariana Eyelashes for Catwa (inworld store is closed, some cute ones on MP though)
^^Swallow^^ Noldor Elf Ears
[LAB737] Bow Collar (snow)
Boudoir – Floral bra, panties, and headpiece (worn as wings)
Boudoir – Fairy Garden Ruins
Heart – WILDFLOWERS – Poppies – Blue
[west end] Poses – Ututui sitting pose P003, bento ( 250L for a set of 5)

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