Trouble and Cupcake

If you were thinking that’s an odd title, you’d be right. Trouble and Cupcake are the names of the owls from Falconry that are out at The Ark right now.  They are mini flapping balls of cuteness that never sit still.  I haven’t noticed that Cupcake is any more well behaved than Trouble….nor can I tell them apart….but so what.  Did I mention how cute they were?  The Ark just opened a few days ago but will only be around till Sunday….so you only have a week now to go and shop.  The complexity limit (50,000) disappears tomorrow.  Check out the shopping guide and take notes ❤

LAQ’s newest gorgeous skin is Karlie shown below close-up with the newest eye applier and lashes.  I’m wearing the 1.0 tone…soooo luminous ❤

The Savannah Collection jewelry is from Heartsdale and comes in bronze, silver, and gold and can be found at the Spoonful of Sugar Festival till the 29th ❤

The claws and silks are from We Love Role-Play and here’s a few disclaimers.  The claws are made for men and women and several bodies (Slink, Belleza, Gianni, and Adam)  but NOT for Maitreya.  That being said, I was too lazy to switch over bodies so I just popped the ones made for Belleza onto my current Maitreya hands.  They could be a bit lower on the fingers, but the look fine.  Also, the silks are transparent…which I guess if you’re gonna wear silks that’s totally normal….but I’ve been down the Flickr and FaceBook road getting censored…so I cut the pic above the punanny (cause that shows!) and blurred the nipples.  Use your imagination. ❤

Also, monso’s hair and SK’s silks from the back ❤

LAQ Bento Head – Noelle 3.06
LAQ – Karlie Skin applier in 1.0 tone NEW!
LAQ – Eyes Applier # 14 NEW!
LAQ – Eyelashes # 14 NEW!
[monso] My Hair – Angelica (188L) @ Collabor88 till Oct. 6th
[Heartsdale Jewellery] Savannah Earrings Bronze @ Spoonful of Sugar Festival till Sept. 29th
[Heartsdale Jewellery] Savannah Necklace Bronze @ Spoonful of Sugar Festival
[Heartsdale Jewellery] Savannah Bracelets Bronze @ Spoonful of Sugar Festival
* Sweet Kajira * Magissa black silks (169L) @ We Love Role-Play till Sept. 30th
Attitude is an Artform – Ornate Flat Bento Claws (210L) @ We Love Role-Play
Ckit Falconry – Cupcake_Mini Black-Horned Owl (sh_R) (650L for the set of 2) @ The Ark till Sept. 22nd
Ckit Falconry – Trouble_Mini Black-Horned Owl (sh_L) @ The Ark
Pose – Started out as Manifeste’s Model 919 but got modded

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