Meet me in the kelp forest

Tinder hookups with Pandas….under the sea… tryin to spice it up (don’t even wanna hear about the chick not having a breathing apparatus on…suspend belief for a few) ❤

The Ark is brimming with awesome animal-y finds, including these hilarious panda avies from MOoH and the FishyPod from Culprit.  Pop on one of the panda’s and go exploring….both the seahorse and the fishypod are drivable… wayyy too much fun! ❤

Here’s a closeup of Sloppy Mom and Dad….all we need is a trailer park (Mom comes with a cigarette btw, to hang out her mouth, but she’s cutting back) ❤

Culprit FishyPod in Coral (299L) @ The Ark till Sept. 22nd
Culprit Sea Horsey in Ghost
MOoH! Little bear doll avy – Sloppy Dad (75L per play) @ The Ark
MOoH! Little bear doll avy – Sloppy Mom @ The Ark
Botanical – Thick Kelp Tall 2 w/ Canopy- Yellow
{anc} bubbles

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